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Take time for yourself and answer important questions about your health! The answers will make you think .

What is Referendo?

Referendo is a platform that seeks your opinion on important health issues.

The need for Referendo?

Referendo asks important questions about your health and helps your voice be heard for better health care.

Why is it important to you?

Referendo makes you look at your health and quality of life, think about your responsibility and your actions.

What's next for you?

Referendo will periodically seek your opinion. Referendo will give you aggregated feedback and share with you information specific to your health needs.

89% of your health does NOT depend on the health care system!

Your health also depends on other factors such as… health behaviors, socioeconomic challenges, interaction with the health care system, and quality of life.

Asset 3

Standard Quality of Life Questionnaire (EQ-5D)

Asset 1

The patient's path
Illness and health education
Psychological support
Connection/Contact with the health system
Health assessment: access, quality, outcomes

Asset 5

Critical thinking
Personal responsibility
Attitude towards others
Mental health and attitude

Asset 2

Labor market }
Financial difficulties/hardships
Social support/assistance
Public support

Referendo brings together the expertise of leading partners in the health sector to learn more about your health and take action to feel better.

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